Prenatal Chiropractic Testimonials

Prenatal Support | Full-Term Pregnancy

I have been  a chiropractic patient for years and have always been a huge believer in its healing capabilities, but I have never had an adjustment make such a big difference in my health as quickly as one of Dr. Jason’s! My husband and I had a threatened miscarriage and ongoing complications when my midwife recommended that we see Dr. Jason.  An hour after the most gentle adjustment I’ve ever had, the complications stopped completely! We couldn’t have been more grateful.

I now see Dr. Jason regularly and it’s like seeing a friend every appointment.  Our pregnancy is going as smooth as can be – problem free! We couldn’t be more happy to have him so involved in our health care.

Natural Delivery | Baby Positioning

I went into chiropractic care in the late late stages of pregnancy, admittedly a skeptic. I wanted and planned for a natural delivery, but at 41 weeks and no signs of labor I had to consider being induced. I’d read that good chiropractic care during pregnancy could help with comfort and positioning and even jumpstart labor so I accepted my midwife’s recommendation and gave it a shot. The difference was huge! I got adjusted and the very next day went into labor and had my dream delivery. Healthy and natural. The way I had always wanted.

Comfortable Pregnancy | Labor Support

Before coming to Life Chiropractic Studio I was extremely discouraged, in pain and over all not enjoying my pregnancy. My delivery with my son was a c section and not the delivery that I wanted at all. Since seeing Dr. Jason I have felt hopeful that I will have the delivery that I want, and have been so much more comfortable in this pregnancy. He has taken the time to sit and talk to me about all the concerns that I have. I finally feel that I have someone who understands what I want and need during this pregnancy and I am extremely grateful. I would recommend Life Chiropractic Studio to anyone and everyone.

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