Pediatric Chiropractic Testimonials

Best Start to Life I Breastfeeding Support

My son was born, and we had planned to solely breast feed him, at least for the first six months, but after 5 days we noticed he was favoring one side, and refused to turn his head right to feed. He was also very fussy when we tried to position him. Not knowing what to do, we accepted our midwife’s recommendation and contacted Dr. Jason.

I was amazed, after just one gentle adjustment, He easily turned his head right without restriction and immediately took to the right breast and began feeding. We also noticed that he was stretching his limbs out for the first time and felt more relaxed and calm in our arms. That adjustment changed our life. I feel I can truly bond and connect with my baby.

No More Constipation I Improved Health

I brought my 3 year old daughter in because she was constipated for over a week. She was in pain and it hurt me to see her like that. After 2 adjustments in 2 days she pooped so much she even had accidents. After a few days she was back to regular and we have maintained weekly wellness care for months, with no new bouts of constipation.

ASD – Bedwetting | Increased Health

We LOVE Dr. J!

WE didn’t think there was anything else e could do to help our son with his sensory issues, meltdowns, and bed-wetting.  We immediately saw results.  After 1 visit we were able to travel by airplane and go on vacation without meltdowns and toileting accidents during the day.  My son is now able to sleep through the night without pull-ups.  (I thought this would never happen).

After seeing my kiddos great success, Dr. J. has helped me manage my sciatica, joint pain, and feel better all around.  His great service and work has truly helped improve our quality of life as a family.  He has helped us unlock our child’s potential.

Community Education I Family Empowerment

“The Perfect Storm” Changed Everything

When I heard “The Perfect Storm” for the first time, my son with autism was 14-years old. When he was diagnosed 12 years prior, no one told me how sick he was. Yes, he had all the symptoms of autism, but he was also a very sick child. He had huge immune issues, digestive issues, headaches and more. At that point we had done tons of research, and I understood the role that toxins and vaccination had played in my son’s autism and illness. We had changed his diet radically and gotten him on several supplements. We also had lots of therapies going for him. It all helped, but he was still struggling in terms of health and every day function. Clearly we needed more.